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Your Efficient Liquidation Partner
Our Mission: We provide unparalleled furniture, fixture, and equipment liquidation services.
Hotel Furniture Liquidators, LLC was founded in 2007 by Jarrod Broussard. Mr. Broussard has assembled management and staff with decades of experience in complex logistics and operations managment. This translates to the added value of experience and expertise and makes HFL a better liquidation partner than your typical liquidation company who simply salvages merchandise. At HFL, our customers come first and we care deeply about the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations with both clients and partners.
We Want to Work with YOU
Hotel and Facility Owners  
HFL seeks to create ongoing relationships with hotel and facility owners, operators, managers, and employees who manage and handle physical asset inventories. If your job is dealing with fixtures, furnishings, and equipment, you'll want to have HFL on your speed dial.
Hotel and Facility Renovation Contractors  
We obtain the bulk of our liquidation projects as subs to facility renovation contractors. Whether you have the job or are bidding on it and need a reliable subcontractor to facilitate the liquidation, HFL is an excellent resource for your success.
Liquidation Companies with Excess Inventories  
If your liquidation and/or installation company has excess inventory and storage costs are weighing you down, please reach out to HFL for solutions to clear your inventory bottleneck.
For Lack of a Better Word, GREEN is Good
While the recycling of furniture, fixtures, and equipment is in and of itself a green initiative, Hotel Furniture Liquidators has also partnered with various non profits and green organizations to minimize material and energy waste from our liquidation, transportation, and storage operations. HFL seeks to have a positive environmental impact both in its warehouse and retail locations as well as in the locations where we perform liquidations.

These partnerships include:

Odyssey House of Louisiana, Inc. (Furniture Rehab).

Green Light New Orleans (Compact Flourescent Light Programs).

Why Our Help is Real
HFL is committed to working with our clients, vendors, and partners to discover, highlight, and capitalize upon win-win situations. We offer planning, follow through, and post-liquidation best practices and support that creates new standards for the complex industry of asset liquidation.
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